Welcome to Mission Uber.  This page documents my journey out of debt while having a little fun driving Uber as I do it!  After years of paying off credit card companies big time, I finally decided to get all my debt paid off!  How much do I owe?  Well, just check out one of my videos on YOUTUBE   and find out for yourself!

My journey began after discovering Mr. Dave Ramsey. He said…

“So, the way you get out of debt is you run like you are a gazelle with a cheetah chasing you. You go crazy. I mean crazy. Intense! So gazelle intense it’s as if you’re about to be eaten. You run! When you do that and you have that kind of intensity in getting out of debt, you can break the gravitational pull of stupid and move yourself in a better direction. That’s what gazelle intensity is—running for your life.”

– Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace University.

This page will document my progress and I will share stories of my Uber rides, and the amazing, unique, and sometimes outrageous people I meet. I hope this page will encourage anyone who finds themselves in the same situation that I do. Perhaps together we can escape from grip of debt!

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